Minnesing Swamp Canoe Trip April 23-24th 2011

Our Canoe trip into the beautiful Minnesing Swamp is coming up in about three weeks time. I'm getting really excited to put the boats in the water and explore this vast and provincially-significant wetland. For more information please visit our website or contact us directly.

Minesing Swamp Overnight Canoe Trip April 23rd – 24th 2011.

Come and join us as we embrace the spring on this overnight canoe trip through the beautiful Minesing Swamp.

After a frozen winter the swamp teams with aquatic, avian and mammal life. Not to mention the re-emergence of the many wild plants who are beginning to sprout and grow towards the warm rays of the sun. This area is a naturalists paradise just waiting to reveal some of its many secrets to the curious observer. Join our naturalist team as we ‘track’ our way through the swamp.

Please register in advance by contacting Earth Tracks at 519 217 4921 or earthtracks@gmail.com

Price: $150 (price includes guiding, instruction, equipment, food & camping permits)

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