Bighead River Run


After being inspired and having so much fun on Saturday my brother and I went out and paddled the lower section of the Bighead River and out into Georgian Bay near the Meaford Harbour. This river had more water and 'flow' then the Mad River and the waves and rapids attested to this fact. We both took on a little more water as we each paddled our own canoes down the rolling rapids. We had a great time and Simon enjoyed 'breaking' in his new canoe on its maiden voyage. What an amazing time of year to experience some moderate whitewater on one of Southern Ontario's beautiful rivers. I encourage you all to get out and experience some of these scenic places and take in the energy of the water and the spring as we enter this new and exciting season. REMEMBER that the water is VERY COLD and it's a good idea to have all of the proper gear including dry clothes, ropes, bailing buckets, etc... with you if you plan on paddling at this time of year!

Until next trip

Happy Paddling

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Conor said...

That looks like an excellent place to enjoy some quality paddling time. I'm planning a canoe trip myself before I head off to PaddleFoot for the summer. Keep those great pictures coming though. Great job Alexis.