Guided Canoe Trips at Northern Edge Algonquin

Hello Everyone

I have recently taken over the the role of 'Canoe Tripping Manager' at Northern Edge Algonquin and have finalized our summer tripping schedule in Algonquin Park.

All of the information regarding pricing, availability, registration, descriptions, etc.... can be found on thier website. http://www.northernedgealgonquin.com/

We have an exciting summer of trips planned including some new ones. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions that you may have. earthtracks@gmail.com

I hope that you will consider paddling with us this summer.

Alexis Burnett

Northern Edge Algonquin Canoe Tripping Schedule 2008

Waterfalls, watercolors and Wanderings:
June 27th - July 2nd. $715 0r $1287 (for two) + Tax

Morning Tea With Moose/Wilderness Awareness:
July 3rd - 6th. $525 or $997 (for two) + Tax

Seeking Solitude:
July 4th - 11th. $875 or $1575 (for two) + Tax

The Way of the Naturalist Canoe Trip:
July 8th - 12th. $600 or $1075 (for two) + Tax

Morning Tea with Moose/Wilderness Awareness:
July 17 - 20th. $525 or $997 (for two) + Tax

Morning Tea with Moose/Wilderness Awareness:
July 25 - 27th. $525 or $997 (for two) + Tax

Wolf Howl (women's only):
August 1 - 4th. $525 or $975 (for two) + Tax

Wolf Howl:
August 14 - 17th. $525 or $975 (for two) + Tax

Seeking Solitude:
August 19 -26th. $875 or 1575 (for two) + Tax

Tracking the Wildlife of Algonquin Park:
August 21 - 24th. $525 or $875 (for two) + Tax

Wolf Howl:
August 29 - Sept 1st. $525 or $975 (for two) + Tax

Wolf Howl Fall Colours Womens's Yoga Trip:
Sept. 27th - 30th. $525 or $975 (for two)

Heart of Gold:
Sept. 24th - 30th. $875 or $1575 (for two) + Tax

Wolf Howl Fall Colours:
Sept. 27 -30th. $525 or $975 (for two) + Tax
*Price includes food, guiding, park permits, all outfitting and instruction.


Bow-Drill Fire-Making Method

Here's a video describing how to create fire using the bow-drill method. Just one of the ways that we light fires on some of our Wilderness Canoe Trips


Sunrise on North Tea Lake -- Algonquin Park

Last summer I guided many trips in the NW corner of Algonquin Park. On many of these trips we would get up before the sun and head out on the water. Here is a photo of one of those magical moments

Wilderness Canoe Trips

canoe portage
We will be adding a schedule soon for the 2008 summer season.

Trips will be posted here as well as on our website:




Please check back soon.