Memories of Summer

Hey Everyone

Here's some of my favorite shots from this summer of paddling. Mostly taken from the
NW corner of Algonquin Park. I spent more time here than anywhere else this summer. I'm very thankful for the many amazing experiences that this special place shared with us. We are truly fortunate to be able to spend time here.


Morning Tea with Moose

We have just returned home from the Morning Tea with Moose canoe trip in Algonquin park. The weather was spectacular and we had an amazing time paddling and viewing wildlife on North Tea lake in the NW corner of the park. We had the priviledge to see three moose early in the morning and after waiting quietly on the banks of a wetland we witnessed a beaver swimming back and forth between the dam and the lodge. Herons flew overhead and the call of the Loon put us to sleep at night under the stars and the beauty of the 'rising' moon. The days were warm and the water was calm during most of our trip. On one of the days we ventured to the waterfall between North Tea and Manitou lakes and the 'pounding' force of the waterfall was like a massage to our backs and arms. Stories and laughter were shared around the campfire at night and we were able to experience what makes this place called Algonquin to special and close to the hearts of people from around the world.

There are still a number of trips planned for the remainder of the year. Check out our website to see which ones may work for you. http://www.northernedgealgonquin.com/ or http://www.earthtracks.ca/

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Happy Paddling


Magnetawan River

I just returned home from a shorth trip down the Magnetewan River where I paddled to look at a property that I have just purchased. The Mag is a beautiful river with lots of good moving water and with the 'still-high' waters many of the sets are more than navigatable by canoe. Here's a few photos of the river and and parts of my new property. There were many signs and sightings of various wildlife including Black Bear, Moose, Deer. Otter, Beaver, Great Blue Herons, etc..... I fall deeper and deeper in love with this area each time I venture through it. What a special place!


Sunset Paddle on Manitou Lake


Here's a quick video of one of our sunset paddles on Manitou Lake during the Waterfalls, Wanderings and Watercolours trip offered through Northern Edge Algonquin.


Waterfalls, Wanderings & Watercolours Canoe Trip

Well....Summer is finally arrived here in Algonquin Park and we are 'plunging' into the paddling season. The heavy rains have kept the water levels high and we have just returned from our first canoe trip into the park. We experienced a little bit of everything in terms of weather creating some memorable adventures and beautiful landscape photos. The star filled nights, beautiful sunrises and echo of the Loon across Manitou lake are soothing to the soul and make one feel connected to nature in a way that cannot be explained in words, but felt by the heart. We were fortunate to view a couple of Bald Eagles soaring overhead and paddle quietly pass a cow Moose and Calf as they feed contently on the edge of the river. Each experience and trip into Algonquin adds to the countless memories and stories that will be told for many years to come. I'm thankful for the ability to experience such a special place and share it with others. There's still many Canoe trips into the park for the remainder of the season, check out the Northern Edge Algonquin or Earth Tracks websites and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Happy Paddling

Happy Paddling



Seeking Solitude Canoe Trip

Are you looking to get away and spend some time in the serenity and sanctitude of a beautiful wilderness setting? Are you looking for some time to unwind and slow down to the pace of the natural world? If so than the 'Seeking Solitude' trip is for you. Take some time to paddle through one of Ontario's oldest provincial parks, swimming in pristine waters and recapturing the magic of the days paddle while sipping hot tea around the campfire at night. This trip is a great way to experience nature and the stunning beauty of Ontario's 'lakes country'.

In just over a month we will be running the first of two 'Seeking Solitude' canoe trips. The first one runs from July 4th-11th and the second trip is from August 19th-26th. Both trips will depart and return to our beautiful basecamp on the doorstep of the wild and scenic Algonquin park. This trip will travel at a liesurly pace and beginner paddlers are welcome. All meals, equiptment, park permits, guiding and instruction is included in the price. All you need to do is sign up and show up on the first day of the trip. We invite you and your friends to come paddle with us and create memories that will last a lifetime.
On a side note, there are still a few spaces left in our Waterfalls, Watercolours and Wanderings canoe trip taking place from June 27th- July 2nd. If you are looking for shorter trips please visit our 'calender of events' page to see the various weekend trips taking place throughout the summer. We hoe to se you sometime this summer at our beautiful eco-lodge on the shores of Kawawamog lake. Until then be safe and happy paddling


Waterfalls, Watercolours and Wanderings Canoe Trip

As the seasons change I am captivated by the beauty of mid spring in the north. Many birds are setting up new territories and beginning to lay eggs and raise their young fledglings hidden in the arms of trees and the cover of thickets and field edges. As each new day begins we arise to the sound of many birds singing their thanksgiving songs as the night turns into day.

It also reminds me of the approaching paddling season and the many days and nights spent exploring the many lakes and rivers of the beautiful and scenic Algonquin Park. I am already thinking ahead to our first trip of the season Waterfalls, Watercolours and Wanderings taking place from June 27th - July 2nd. This is a 6 day canoe trip in the park exploring some cascading waterfalls, paddling across majestic lakes and relaxing in the tranquility of nature. There will be time for people to paint, swim, wander or just relax beside the lake as we travel casually through this scenic part of Algonquin. What a great way to begin the summer season.

In previous years we have observed many species of wildlife including deer, moose, otters, owls, great blue herons and made countless new dicoveries as we explored and paddled through this wilderness area. As with all of our canoe trips here at NEA all food, outfitting, guiding, and park permits are included in the price of the trip. I invite you to come and join us on this adventure experience as we kick off the 2008 canoe tripping season here at Northern Edge Algonquin.
All of the information about this and other Algonquin Park canoeing experiences can be found on our website at http://www.northernedgealgonquin.com/
Looking forward to paddling with you this summer




Here are a few photos from our paddle down the Beaver River on a Beautiful spring day a couple of weeks ago. The beginning stretches of our canoeing was done through the flooded, flowering Red Maples in the low lying areas of the beaver valley. Such an amazing experience to float under these trees at this time of year. As we continued on the river slowly picked up its pace and we experienced some moderate rapids and moving water. One of the highlights of the trip was a Great Horned Owl that flew right between our two boats! Such an awesome bird of Prey. We were able to paddle past this owl as it perched close to the trunk of a bare deciduous tree, camoflaguing into the bark pattern of the tree very nicely. All around us there were sure signs of spring from the numerous bird calls to the fresh growth many new plants. Near the end of the day we went for an unplanned swim and 'bobbed' down some of the biggest rapids of our trip beside our sub-merged canoe! One moment we were in the boat and the next we were beside it, floating. Thingas like this can happen very quickly and the water was very cold. We had brought a few changes of clothes in a dry bag and were able to get out of the water and change into warm clothes quickly. This is essential seeing as the air temp that day was not many degrees above freezing and the water temp was approx. 5 degrees celcious. You need to be prepared for the the worst case scenario and all of these experiences can be positive provided you are prepared and learn from them. We had another great day of canoeing. It has been a good spring for getting out and enjoying some of the high water on our local rivers. I'm thankful for these experiences and look forward to the many paddling adventures to come in the future. Also a special thanks to my paddling partners on these excursions.

Happy Paddling



Bighead River Run


After being inspired and having so much fun on Saturday my brother and I went out and paddled the lower section of the Bighead River and out into Georgian Bay near the Meaford Harbour. This river had more water and 'flow' then the Mad River and the waves and rapids attested to this fact. We both took on a little more water as we each paddled our own canoes down the rolling rapids. We had a great time and Simon enjoyed 'breaking' in his new canoe on its maiden voyage. What an amazing time of year to experience some moderate whitewater on one of Southern Ontario's beautiful rivers. I encourage you all to get out and experience some of these scenic places and take in the energy of the water and the spring as we enter this new and exciting season. REMEMBER that the water is VERY COLD and it's a good idea to have all of the proper gear including dry clothes, ropes, bailing buckets, etc... with you if you plan on paddling at this time of year!

Until next trip

Happy Paddling